City Champions

The City Champion Award is one of the most honourable recognitions within the CYC.

A City Champion is a volunteer within the CYC who demonstrates a commitment towards the growth and development of the organization by modelling our Basic 5 Principles consistently.

Volunteers who have achieved City Champion status have achieved the following within a calendar quarter:

  • Attended every Youth Council meeting;
  • Completed, or is “on track” to complete, their goals;
  • Organized, or helped organize, an event/townhall to engage young people in their community in policy-related discussions;
  • Recruited 24 new eligible youth electors; and
  • Met with their City Councillor at least once.

Volunteers who have successfully qualified for the City Champion Award for three consecutive quarters are automatically qualified for and receive the Gold City Champion Award.

City Champions receive 1 FREE General Admission Movie Pass for each quarter qualified.

Gold City Champions receive 2 FREE 3D Admission Movie Packages every time they re-qualify for Gold (1 per year) in addition to the 1 FREE General Admission pass they receive each quarter.